Lumin T2 or Lumin A1

I am using the T2 => Simaudio Moon 600i => Abyss AB1266TC = GLORIOUS SOUND!


Nice system, I’m sure it must sound great. I’m a big fan of low box count and simple systems…At the start of 2020, I had 7 boxes in my main rig and now I’m down to 3 in my main setup.

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I use a D1 direct to my active crossovers to my 2 x 5 channels of amps to each of the speakers direct. No preamp, just roon server and Lumin D1.

The rest of the house has a myriad of systems and networking tho - which one day I will have to downsize but for now its all alive and ready to play when and where I need it.

Another D1 and a D2 are around about the place too…love the Lumin systems.