Lumin T2 output - RCA vs XLR

Hi, I read on a few places that XLR output is the preferred choice. I do understand that XLR is less susceptible to interference.

I need 0.75m to connect a Lumin T2 directly to an amp. There are no other cables or sources of interference nearby.

Would XLR still be preferred?
Asked differently: is the quality of the Lumin output stage for XLR of higher quality than the RCA output?



Lumin uses a true balanced design so XLR has an advantage, especially if your amp also uses a balanced design. Most of the user feedback confirm this.

Of course there are exceptions due to the amp characteristics or user preferences. I’ve seen a (tube) amp that has a much lower (i.e. undesirable) input impedance from XLR than RCA.

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Thx immensely for the prompt reply. My current amp has 51k ohms Input impedance and is fully balance (has XLR input only).

I am evaluating a new amp that has only RCA input, that is the reason for asking.

Ps: the new amp has a lower input impedance of 37k ohms. You see any problem with this or is it still high enough for a direct Lumin am connection?

Thx. Mark

No problem.