Lumin T2 question re music services

So the T2 comes with Spotify Connect and Qobuz and Tidal native to the unit. And you can access Apple Music via airplay and hope Airplay2 will be modified to transmit 24/192. But is there any way in to feed Amazon Music HD?

I’m not currently in the market for a streamer, but a boy can dream and I’m just wondering what connectivity and options the T2 has, in light of the back-of-unit photos.

Without giving it a higher version number, I don’t think so. Our current products do not support AirPlay2. Currently, both AirPlay and AirPlay2 play at 44.1kHz, the difference being AirPlay2 can be sent to multi-room.

Please use iPad to send it via AirPlay.


I can attest to that working, I had an Amazon HD trial due to all the hype at the time of release.
Used an iPad mini4.
It did not sound too bad at all over airplay but I just did not like Amazon HD per se.

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Peter, so if we currently use Airplay with Lumin for apple music lossless, it provides lossless cd-sound quality, is this correct?

As there is no official information on airplay supporting apple lossless on apple’s website.

If/when Apple made sufficient effort to ensure all undesired manipulation are bypassed, then it can be lossless at least for 44.1kHz tracks. However, at this time this is not proven.


Any plans for Airplay 2 on Lumin T2?

No. There is no sample rate gain from AirPlay2.

But multi-room audio is a big enhancement…

Roon does multi-room, at superior sample rate and bit depth Hi-Res and DSD.

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True, but I can’t get Airplay to sync Lumin T2 right with Sonos speakers via Airplay on Roon. If I was able to use my iOS device to group my Lumin T2 with the Airplay devices (using Airplay 2), in my experience it would all be synced up perfectly.

also, Airplay 2 would give us HomeKit integration! Please reconsider!

Is it normal that song titles, artist names do not show up while streaming via Airplay to Lumin? Also no artwork appears in the Lumin app.


This is a known limitation with the current implementation.