Lumin T2 Roon Ready?

Title says it all: is the Lumin T2 Roon Ready?

Manufacturer’s website says it is, but it’s not listed in the Roon’s Parter Program and Device Matrix. Would appreciate a response from @support + @wklie.

All the Lumin’s are Roon Ready IIRC

Not according to Roon’s website and knowledge base :slight_smile:

Now peter is having to get out of bed and tell you in person hehehehe he has Lumin Post radar

Yes T2 is Roon Ready.

I will follow up with Roon staff about updating the list.


I’m also under the assumption it is Roon Ready and Lumin (more specifically Peter) has never violated my trust in any way. However, the whole point of having a Roon partner program is that Roon and the partners keep it up to date. Otherwise, anyone with an internet connection can claim pretty much anything, and with regards to Roon Ready, this has already proven the case many times over.

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Hmmm missed the bit about roon’s site. Maybe the newer models need to be updated.

It’s absolutely Roon Ready.


Bart has a Lumin in his future…I see it in my crystal ball :crystal_ball:

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LUMIN T2 is in the list of Roon Ready Network Devices.

I don’t see it on that list. Has it come off the list for some reason? Thanks.

Thats strange. It is listed on the Partner’s Page (last one) but not in the device matrix list… Just a mistake on the list and nothing wrong with the T2

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