Lumin T2 Roon Settings

Hi all, just ordered the T2 and will be using it with Roon.

I am coming from a D2. I was just curious to see what DSD conversion settings people are using (if any). Is still recommended Roon handle it?


If you like DSD sound, you can use Roon to upsample to DSD512 and leave Lumin re-sampling setting to Off. You’ll have to have enough processing power in the Roon Core for DSD512 upsampling though.

In Roon DSP Engine, turn on Parallelize Sigma Delta Modulator.

Thanks Peter! Does the T2’s ES9028PRO chip support native DSD512? I ask since I remember reading with the D2 the Wolfson DAC only supported DS64, even though the D2 supported DS128 through processing. It’s hard to find specs on the ESS chip.

Yes DSD512 for Lumin T2 and X1.

Thanks! Awesome, looking forward to trying it out.

Just out of curiosity, what is driving the 384KHz limit on the T2 vs. the 768KHz on the X1 for PCM? I figure both DACs support 768KHz.

Marketing. There are forces to remove features from our lower price products and I feel great that I contributed to having DSD512 feature retained in T2.

Haha, that’s what I figured - guess it’s already getting too close to the X1 in terms of features.

Thanks for the transparency, not to mention helping retain the DSD512 feature! :smiley: