Lumin T2 with balanced out

Hello all.

Last week i received my Lumin T2 and dont get me wrong the sound is very good. I connected the Lumin with RCA cabels to my Marantz SR7013 because the Marantz has no balanced connections. Is there a way that i can make it balanced like for instance a DI Box converter.

Please use RCA output from Lumin to your SR7013 set as Pure Direct mode when playing stereo music.

Please burn-in the T2 by repeat playback 7x24 for a few weeks. Standby the SR7013 if necessary.

For the next upgrade, consider a 2-channel integrated amplifier with HT bypass and both balanced XLR and unbalanced RCA inputs. Use the SR7013 front pre-out to the HT Bypass RCA input of this amp.

Hello Peter

Thx for the advice. The burn in cycle is happeninng as we speak. But putting the SR7013 in pure direct mode is not the setting i am using right now. In direct mode i have Stereo selected so i can play with bass and treble and use my subwoofer aswell.