Lumin U1 Mini - DSD to Matrix SPDIF 2 to PS Audio DS DAC?

Hi @wklie,
I’m not able to deliver DSD to my DAC. Maybe you can help?

I run DSD files via ROON from an Innuos Zenith MKII to the U1 Mini (Upsampling disabled).
From there via USB to a Matrix SPDIF 2.
From there via I2S to a PS Audio Directstream DAC.

Both the Matrix and the Directstream DAC are capable of DSD. DoP would be fine, too. But the U1 Mini is always converting the DSD to pure PCM. Is there any way I can disable that? Or what am I missing here? Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

Please use Lumin app to disable the Volume Control of U1 MINI.

Merry Christmas!


Thanks a lot for your prompt reply. Yes, that solves it. Now I get native DSD into the DAC. Awesome!

Merry Christmas.

PS: Any chance that this could be achieved automatically when the volume is on 100?
That would save some clicks, as I have to enable the volume control for my girlfriend/Spotify…
Is this maybe feasible in an upcoming release?

The difficulty that arises from this design is when you decrease the volume from 100 to 99 during the playback of a music track, native DSD playback needs to be changed to PCM. With a USB DAC not only this cannot be seamless, it may very well bring other undesirable audible issues.

Please keep volume control disabled. When using Spotify app, please change the volume in the app as usual and check whether it’s allowed. I seem to recall this is possible but cannot verify it right now.

Peter, thank you for proposing all possibilities.

When volume control is disabled via Lumin, the volume slider in Spotify is still there, but changes don’t affect the volume - it’s fixed at 100%. (Which is logical, as the U1 Mini is the player and volume control is bypassed. Roon is a bit more intelligent, as it hides the volume slider immediately on all remotes.)

So, with the current version I need to enable/disable volume control in order to stream DSD. Well, there are worse things in life :slight_smile:

What I could imagine is to ONLY enable volume control for Spotify, if that’s technical feasable (and I fear, I know the answer…)

The seamless integration of Spotify was the main reason for me to switch to Lumin (which btw. works very well. I have to restart the Mini only about every four/six weeks as the Spotify Connect “Zone” is gone, but that’s a magnitude better than on the Auralic.)

Again - thanks for beeing so responsive. That’s a great service and I appreciate it very much.

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I have similar set up as yours, Lumin U1 Mini ->usb->DS sr.
Does adding the Matrix spdif improve SQ?

Some weeks ago I did test it again, trying to get rid of the Matrix (the extra box, cables, LPS). But: With my system, speakers, room, ears&brain it does make a difference, providing a small improvement in SQ. It not night and day for me, It’s subtle. Overall a bit more relaxed, a bit more clearness in the HF.
For that subtle bump I invested not only in the Matrix, but also in an expensive HDMI and power cable as well as the Sbooster LPS. It’s worth it for me. Crazy hobby.