Lumin U1 Mini (LPS & Playlist Name)

@wklie I have the Lumin U1 Mini and was wondering if a newer version would be available in the future to allow connection to an external power supply like the U1? I know it can me modified to use an S-booster LPS, for example, but I don’t want to void my warranty and it might be a resale issue for me.

Also, I noticed the playlists that are created in the Lumin app do not show the name of the playlist once it’s loaded on the left side play window. Can Lumin provide a software update to show the name of the playlist at the top of the screen while the playlist is loaded?


Lumin U2 mini has just been released but it still has an internal psu so currently you would have to go higher up the model range or void your warranty…
It is also DSD512 capable so a potential benefit, unfortunately the U2 is so new there are no independent reviews available yet.

Thanks for the updated information!

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