Lumin U1 Mini Resampling

Greetings @wklie -

My iFi Pro iDSD DAC will upsample to 768K if it receives 96K (or a 192K) PCM signal.
Consequently. I have been using Roon to convert all PCM signals, excepting the 196K, to 96K.

Because of your continued presence on this forum the Lumin U1 Mini has appeared on my radar.
Normally, I don’t believe in uber streamers, but the ability of the U1 to resample a stream would remove some processing from the Roon Core, thereby returning my path to only 3 stops, i.e. source, RAAT, and ALSA. Less is more.

  1. Can the U1 resample (both up and down, as appropriate) any and all PCM streams to 96K?
  2. How would it handle native DSD streams?
  3. Upscale Audio sells an SBooster conversion kit that replaces the internal PS of the U1. What do you think of such an approach?
  4. Although I don’t need it, the same vendor recommends a particular WiFi antenna. Would this be a successful option?
  5. I’m guessing that inside is a modified SBC board. Where is the OS stored, on eMMC or on the kludge of an SDHC?


  1. Lumin products do integral re-sampling only, e.g. 44.1kHz -> 88.2kHz, 48kHz - > 96kHz. If you need 44.1kHz -> 96kHz, you have to use Roon DSP Engine. Roon philosophy is to use Roon Core for heavy processing. Shifting processing from Roon Core to endpoint is against Roon philosophy.

  2. DSD data in RAAT is always native. For U1 (MINI) output to USB DAC, it can be native or DoP depends on whether the USB DAC is readily recognized by Linux kernel as native DSD compatible.

  3. Any Lumin product that needs to be shipped back to repair must have original parts inside and intact.

  4. We recommend a wired network connection so there is no built-in WiFi. Some users have used WFi to Ethernet adapter successfully. I do not know which one that vendor recommends.

  5. Lumin products are absolutely 100% in house design. They are not modified from any other existing computer boards or Pi boards or full blown PC, unlike some other competitors. The OS is stored in NAND flash chips.

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Great. Thanks for the info.