Lumin U1 mini transport

I’ve run my core on a multi-use PC, dedicated PC, NUC and now on a ESXI server running a virtualized version of ROCK. No difference in sound quality to the endpoints.

If you’re happy with your current setup, spend your money on your significant other, kids or more music.

Hey Nomad Max–I have the Aqua La Voce DAC and just got the U1 Mini to replace my old Auralic Altair as the streaming device. I have Line Magnetic 518 integrated (845 tubes) and Klipsch Heresy IV speakers. The improvement in soundstage, detail and bass was immediately noticeable just from swapping in the U1 Mini for the Auralic. I use a wireless access point device (recommended by Upscale Audio) to connect this system wirelessly to my network. I also bought the SBooster power box for the Mini. This is a great setup, it rivals my “big system” with the Ayre QX-5 Twenty and BAT amp/preamp.


Why would I change the power supply? The U1 Mini is at 200 hours and still improving. Perhaps after the warranty is expired I might consider modifying it but not until.

I do run a Panamax AC Conditioner which it’s plugged into. The ground on U1 mini is also connected to house ground (same as turntables so easy enough to run a lead).
Really happy with the sound has really improved the sound stage to the point it freaks out the dog trying to figure out what is making noise behind her.
Much more detailed, silky smooth, black backgrounds and better cleaner bass to point of turning down both subs 1db. My speakers are Paradigm Studio 100 v3 and a Bryston SST2 power amp. The bar to be beaten was my turntable and I can now say well engineered digital recording sounds equal or in some cases better. Enjoy the music stay safe

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Hey @Sarah_Clement nice to know someone else has this combo of Lumin U1 mini and Aqua La Voce. I am certainly happy with both. Next on my buying list is the amplifier. Speakers are Amphion Argon 7LS and currently driving them with a 46 year old English amplifier Leak 2200 :slight_smile:
Have you noticed any improvement with the SBooster power box?
Happy listening!!

Nomad—my U1 Mini arrived with the SBooster installed so I’ve never heard it any other way. I have long believed in the great results an improved power supply can give though. I even had upgraded power supplies with my very first streaming devices—Squeezeboxes!


Hi @wklie Peter! Is it planned that Sotify Connect on Lumin will support Spotify hi-fi, which will appear at the end of the year?

I’ll need to find technical information for that first.


I finally got around to replacing my destroyed SOtM gear (long story, other people’s kids) today and after reading all the good stuff said about Lumin on this forum as well as @wklie Peter’s responsiveness to questions and help with problem solving I decided to get the U1 MINI and I am pleasantly surprised. Even more so than I expected to be. Now, if only I had an Aqua La Scala DAC I would be set! When is mine coming? :laughing:

One questions if anyone can answer; when using “Device Volume” in Roon and turning on volume control in the Lumin app, is Leedh Volume control still used when using the volume slider in Roon even though the volume on the Lumin does not appear to change? Or would I have to use the Lumin app to control the Volume to get that?


If both Volume Control options are enabled in Lumin app, even when you control volume in Roon you are still using Lumin Leedh Processing Volume.

Please kill Lumin app and relaunch it.

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ok that is what I though. You mentioned it in another thread once I just could not find it. Also, thanks for your help when I e-mailed you like 2 months ago when I was considering doing this set up. I really appreciate it. I have a Keces P8 and was planning on using it as a power source, or doing the SBooster, but I have the Lumin plugged into my Keces power conditioner and it is dead silent, even though I use a cheap netgear switch and cheap cables. I honestly don’t know if it would make any difference using a linear power supply. In your opinion, should I be using a better switch like an Ether Regen connected over a nicer ethernet cable to the Lumin, or even something just a bit better than my cheap switch? Or is it not sensitive to those things (I imagine its not)? Also I am just curious (since I don’t use DSD), why is there no DSD512 support on this unit for DACS that can handle 512 DSD? I am pretty sure if cheaper streamers could do it so could the U1 MINI, maybe with a possible firmware update?

U1 MINI supports up to DSD256 via Linux native DSD for compatible DAC or DSD256 DoP.

If you’re going to use Leedh Processing Volume, please set Roon DSP Engine to convert DSD to 352.8kHz (USB) or 176.4kHz (non-USB).

Since you prefer R2R you’re probably better off with PCM anyway.

I have no recommendation for the accessories as I do not endorse them, although there are positive reports.

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Right I understand all of that and you are definitely right that I prefer PCM. I was just curious why the U1 MINI lacks DSD 512 or PCM 768 as the boards are supposedly the same as the U1. And if this might ever change in a future firmware update. Some of these DACs are using DSD 1024 and PCM 1536…
How should I set up sleep settings? Like 15 minutes after idle? and at night should I turn it off completely or let it go into sleep mode?

Price difference.

If using Roon, please set auto sleep in Roon.

If not using Roon, please set idle sleep in Lumin app.

I believe most users leave it on.

Great Thanks!

Don’t waste your money on fancy switches and cables. A standard Netgear GS108 switch and BJC cat 6 cables are all you need. Don’t put cat 7 or cat 8 in your chain, which are shielded - not good for audio.

Since I have not found a specific topic in the forum for my question I will post it here.

Prior to Roon 1.8 there was not a big difference between streaming Tidal directly to my Lumin U1 Mini and streaming Tidal from Roon and then to the U1 Mini. Now there is a big difference. Streaming directly to the U1 Mini is smoother and also fuller in the bass. Over Roon the sound is more lightweight/dryer, with more pronounced dynamics and perhaps a tad higher resolution. I am not sure which I like best, but I am currently leaning towards skipping Roon. However, it differs depending on recording, but the difference is generally surprisingly large.

Anyone that perceive the same effect after Roon 1.8? I know that there has been similar discussions i more general topics about the 1.8 version, but I am curious if someone else has compared streaming directly to U1 Mini and going over Roon 1.8?

My setup:

Macbook Pro 2014, Roon Tidal > Lumin U1 Mini > Dutch & Dutch 8C.


Tidal, Lumin U1 Mini > Dutch & Dutch 8C.

I recall another Lumin user (using T2 instead) reported 1.8 to be better.

Have you tried whether having the MacBook Pro on AC vs battery make a difference?

If possible, please move the MacBook Pro to as far away from your audio setup (Lumin and D&D 8C) as possible.

You may also experiment with network isolation (via fiber media converter or other means).

Yes, I have tried AC vs. battery many times and I have never heard any difference, neither in my previous “analog” system feeding a Benchmark DAC2 with USB from the Macbook Pro, nor in my new D&D 8C based system. It seems that both the Benchmark DAC2 and the U1 Mini are well-engineered products that makes them insensitive to computer generated noise.

I don’t think I can get the U1 Mini further away from the MacBook Pro than it is today, since it is not connected to the U1 Mini in any other way than through our network.

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How do you stream Tidal to the U1 mini without Roon? I thought Tidal connect wasn’t supported yet. Or are you using Lumin streaming (Airplay)?

Lumin has built in Tidal streaming, it is set up and controlled through Lumin’s own App, i.e. not Tidal connect where you can control streaming through the native Tidal App.

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