Lumin u1 mini with mqa-dac?

Could someone please share the best setting, in Roon, when streaming to a fully mqa-compatible dac? I’m a bit confused about the decoder/renderer and the core decoder setting. I want my dac to do the full mqa unfold🤔

Please set Roon MQA Capabilities to Decoder and Renderer, and leave Roon MQA Core decoding to be enabled by default.

In Lumin app, you may set MQA to Passthrough.

When you use Roon to play a MQA music with no volume leveling, no DSP, and no grouped zones, you should see in the signal path that neither Roon nor Lumin decode the MQA. And the MQA DAC show a proper MQA display.

Ok, thanx. So if I understand this correctly, by controlling the settings of the Lumin, in Roon, you are actually controlling the settings of the external dac?

Since you stated you wanted the DAC to do the full MQA decoding, the settings I mentioned above let Roon and Lumin leave the stream alone and not do any MQA Core decoding. Those settings control what is passed to your DAC, instead of controlling your DAC settings.

Ok, it is starting to make sense :+1: