Lumin U1 mini with RME DAC

I’m adding digital audio to my current system and just ordered a Lumin U1 mini and an RME ADI 2 DAC. I will connect them to a Pathos integrated amp via balanced xlr cables.
I’m just realizing that I can’t add Roon to this setup and will need to add another unit with the Roon core installed. Is my best option to get a Nuc8 and install Roon rock on it? Or is there another (more economical way?)

If you already have a Windows or Mac computer, you can use it for Roon Core and install Roon there.

If you want to purchase new hardware for Roon Core, get a NUC8i7BEH or i5, with m.2 SSD no less than 128GB for Roon database (not music), and no less than 8GB RAM. You need another 2.5" HDD to hold the music. Consider using a fanless case.

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Thanks for the quick response. I like the idea of using the Intel nuc. So just to clarify… my internet comes from a modem which my internet provider set up. There are a few Ethernet inputs in the unit that I plug the U1 into and the nuc with the roon rock on it and they will become part of my household network? Or is it not that simple?

If your “modem” actually has WiFi router functionality, then you can connect the Roon Core machine and the U1 MINI to it via network cables.

You also need the iPad to connect to the WiFi so that you can use Lumin app (for configuration and firmware upgrade only if using Roon) and the Roon Remote app.

I really appreciate your help. When I look at Intel NUCs. Does it need an operating system and a graphics card?

Sorry. And is there a fanless option? Or?! Can i run the Ethernet cable to the basement and just leave it running down there?

You do not need the graphics card, and you do not need a Windows license. You can install ROCK OS:

Yes, you should put it as far away from your HiFi setup as possible. Regardless of where you put it, I recommend using a compatible fanless case. If you do not want to install the fanless case yourself, there are companies which can do it for you perhaps at an extra cost.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help me understand. I feel like between reading and asking you questions I have a pretty good understanding of what I need fo do. This is an amazing example of great customer service.

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