Lumin u1 mini with Roon

I have a marantz hd dac1. Question is will a Lumin u1 mini do a 2nd full unfold of MQA from Roon to my DAC?

No. Regardless of brand, all MQA certified devices’ digital output is limited to MQA Core (first unfold) at 88.2/96kHz only. MQA rendering (full unfold) requires a device with analog output such as all Lumin products with analog outputs.

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Thanks for the reply.

In my setup would I be better off getting the Lumin D2?

Please consider Lumin D2 or the new Lumin T2.

These Lumin products have both balanced and unbalanced analog outputs, using balanced output is usually better if your pre-amp has a balanced input. Compared to your current DAC, note that these Lumin products do not have digital inputs or headphone output.

Lots to consider. Thanks.

Hi Peter
I have a question; I would like to connect the Lumin u1 mini to the Oppo 205 via the usb input. Will I get a full mqa development then? I like the sound 205, what do you think?

Yes, with the latest MQA firmware of Oppo 205. You may also consider Lumin T2 as a further upgrade to SQ.

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Thank you for your response . I bought a Lumin u1 mini at a very attractive price, so I will want to play it and experiment for a while :wink:

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I followed your advice and on Thursday I bought T2, I have a big improvement from the first hours in practically every aspect. After three days is even better - I’m very happy :slight_smile:


I’m happy when customers are happy.

Please let the T2 play 7x24 for two weeks or more. So the U1 MINI you bought prior to the T2 went back to the dealer?

Yes, the U1 mini will come back to the dealer - I live in the same city. He also suggested to me to play 24/7.