Lumin U1 question

Hi @wklie , does the Lumin U1 have galvanic isolation ? I am using Ethernet in and usb out.

We have our own design for isolation.

Is it better ?

I liked to think we did a good job, but that’s up to our users to decide.

I put a Jcat USB Isolator between my U1 and the Dac. Left it in for a couple of weeks and then took it out. The sound stage was smaller and dynamics had less weight and sound wasn’t as clearly defined. I put it back in and It’s been part of my system since then.

Hello Peter! Do you think that the use of devices such as ifi-nano-igalvanic is optional, do you yourself use similar solutions? Your feedback is highly appreciated. It will allow me not to spend extra money.

We do not endorse third party accessories. For USB cleaners, I know there are users using its primary competitor. One interesting feedback is that a user using the market leading USB cleaner said it degraded SQ for his system before using the LPS that was meant for it, but this significantly increased the cost. If we are to believe the clock in USB regeneration matters, then I need to know what clock is used in a USB cleaner. Unfortunately, I cannot find details of the clock being used in the product you picked, whereas its primary competitor advertises the use of Crystek.


Thanks for the answer you helped a lot :slightly_smiling_face:


When I play Tidal from Lumin U1 I feel the music is better than playing via ROON. I recently noticed the change, earlier it was almost non-distinguishable. Has anyone noticed the difference?



Lumin app or Tidal app (Tidal Connect)?

Lumin App, I have logged into Tidal & Quboz. The music quality is better when I play the same song from Lumin App, compared to ROON.

Yes I just noticed this as well. LUMIN app from U1 mini sounds better than from Roon!!


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