Lumin U1 USB Output Question

Hi Peter (@wklie). Have a question about the U1’s USB outputs. I’m currently using 1 USB out to connect to my Chord Blu/Dave. I’m curious about the 2nd USB. Are both on by default? Is there any downside to using both at once in terms of signal quality? Is there any way to turn one or the other off?

Appreciate the answers!

For USB audio output, only one USB port can be used.

The other USB port may be used to connect a USB thumb drive for music playback via Lumin app, say when a friend bring over some music to you.

Thanks for the quick response @wklie.

Hi Peter @wklie
With the U1, could I feed the USB-out to my K-01X, whilst simultaneously feeding the BNC-out to my M Scaler/TT2?

No. When using any non-USB output of U1 or U1 MINI, please disconnect the USB first.

Thanks for clarifying that Peter.
Much appreciated! :grinning: