Lumin U2 mini released

No, I would not describe it this way.

Upsampling settings are provided for users to experiment with, in case they find a setting they prefer to native. When using Roon, Lumin upsampling should be disabled as you can do more sophisticated upsampling with Roon DSP Engine.


Thank you so much Peter.
You are always very helpful.
I guess I will sell TT2 or something and just stick with NOS DACs to see which setting I prefer between upsample enabled and disabled.
Thank you! :slight_smile:

I just ordered my U2 mini. I am excited to hear the difference of the USB connection into my Holo Audio May KTE DAC. From what I have read the USB interface on this DAC is superb. The U2 mini will be replacing a D2 that I have only ever been using as a streamer. The D2 used a coax cable into the May DAC because it does not have a USB out… Should be an interesting test to see what I can hear.


Some research on the Chord website could be helpful for your edification.

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@wklie Is it normal for the volume control in the Lumin iPhone app to disable DSD sample rates higher than DSD128?

When I enable volume control in the Lumin app I am limited to DSD128 and if I disable it I can select up to DSD512. Here is a screen shot of the Lumin setting I am referring to.

Here is a screen shot of the Roon interface when the volume control is set to “On” in the lumin app:

And here is a screen shot of the Roon interface when the volume control is set to “Off” in the Lumin app:

In Lumin product line:

  • Only Lumin product analog output can do DSD with volume control

  • Digital output supports DSD only if volume control is disabled. If you need Lumin volume control for digital output, please use Roon DSP Engine to convert DSD to PCM first.


@wklie How does the „Quad native clock system“ compare to an OXCO clock?

I think there’s a wide range of price of OCXO clocks. In theory, if you know which parts we used and you can find a suitably priced OCXO clock, you can compare data sheets. However, how the numerical differences translate to SQ, and there’s the issue of implementations that affect whether you get real world performance close to what the data sheets say. So these explain why this is not answerable.

If there is only one clock for audio (many brands do), I don’t like that, for the simple reason that the master clock is not an integer multiple of the sample rate (44.1kHz and 48kHz).

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I absolutely agree with you. Just reading spec sheets won’t provide the output really happening.
There is a lot to take into account when designing the overall path.
So is the quad clock system in the U2 Mini the same as in other LUMIN models?

I am asking this as with SPDIF, AES/EBU the clock signal is derived from the source, making it even more important to have a very solid / the best possible clock signal.

It is an improvement over the similar system in U1 Mini, but quite different from our analog output models with ESS chips, because they are optimized for different architectures.



@wklie hi Peter I am still investigating the loud noise when starting playback, U2 mini - Mscaler - Dave and have been in contact with support, Ed, at Chord. He has asked the following…

“………a longer playback delay gives time for a second synchronisation check to happen………The Lumin comes out of sleep and doesn’t ‘see’ the Mscaler properly because it is galvanically isolated. Can you adjust playback delay on the Lumin at all?*

I have checked settings and can’t find any setting to achieve the suggested playback delay, have I missed a setting or is there an alternative method of achieving the suggested delay…?

Thanks in advance :pray:t4:

Check private message

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Has someone compared sound quality when streaming Qobuz via the Lumin app vs via Roon?

@wklie When I (within the LUMIN app) switch the „Power“ from on to off, the Lumin display goes out but after a few seconds goes on again.
This shouldn’t happen.
The auto-standby (set to 15 min in the app) works though.

I’ll check it early next week.

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Has someone used a Audioquest Jitterbug USB protector on the LUMIN?
@wklie This should provide SQ improvement in theory - what’s your take on that?

What theory would that be?


If memory serves me, I did not come across any Lumin user report about using it with a Lumin.

From this thread I get the impression that U2 mini is not fully compatible with Chord msc+Dave using USB? Is this correct or is there Chord user also that has no problems and are 100% happy with the U2 mini?

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We have many Chord users. This is the only report of its kind from our users.

Please study this thread, and note that Lumin is not involved in this setup: