Lumin USB Output Disappeared?

@wklie The USB output disappeared from my Lumin U1 Mini settings menu. I haven’t disconnected any cables for months and I never changed the source on my Holo Audio Spring 3 KTE DAC. The power went out for about an hour two days ago, but my Lumin and DAC were in standby mode. I powered down both units and turned the power back on and was met with the same results. Any troubleshooting advice?


There is no USB setting because it is automatic.

If you’re having trouble with USB playback, please power down both the Lumin and the DAC. Disconnect the USB cable. Power them up. Switch the DAC to USB mode. Connect the USB cable only after you see a progress circle in the Lumin front panel.

@wklie I had already tried the troubleshooting tip you recommended before I reached out to you and it still didn’t work. However, I forgot I had an Intona USB isolator in between the Lumin and the DAC. When I removed the USB isolator, the music started playing. So, the Intona USB isolator was the culprit. It worked with no issues for as long as I’ve had it and it stopped working after my power went out about a week ago.

Thanks for you help!

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