Lumin V13.4a firmware out

No release notes as yet

I don’t see that version on the lumin page.

Their most current version is

Version 13.4 (Dec 17, 2020)

Where do you see 13.4a?

Do you have updates turned on in your Lumin app? May only be applicable to some models. My friend has U1 mini and it’s updated today.

Maybe @wklie Peter will update us on what is new and for what models it’s for when he gets a moment.


My U1 updated to 14.3a automatically.

13.4a is not new. It was dated 2020-12-28 for U1 (mini) / X1 / T2 only with a minor bug fix.

The other models are at version 13.3.

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Seems like there are number of people here and maybe on the Facebook group that have only just got this update.

This update is also still not reflected on the support site for Lumin updates.

The minor releases without a numeral change will not be mentioned.

I blame the ISP, DNS, geolocation blocking, and the internet. :sweat_smile:

It reminds me of a time when a coworker has his own company gmail to another staff’s company gmail marked as spam. And another time when I was geolocation blocked by the hosting provider for a forum unbeknownst to the forum maintainer.

Still it might be worth posting these Device specific point releases as to showing the bug/features that are included. Most of the questions I got on posting this were what changed.