Lumin V14.6 Firmware

I have installed 14.6 and was wondering about the changes. It looks like there are no release notes, anyone has insights what happened here?

Firmware 14.6

  • P1 Support use of external input without network connection
  • Default radio stations on/off setting (require a future app update)
  • Update Spotify Connect SDK

Dear @wklie Peter, how do you see the potential release date of Tidal Connect for Lumin D2? Is it feaseable?

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We spent many months working on Tidal Connect for D2 and the other older models, but we did not succeed. The older models will not get Tidal Connect.

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Iā€™m sure you put a lot of effort for this potential development, luckily for me this is not a critical point thanks to my perfect lifetime Roon service. But I think you should officialy announce it, because D2 owners are looking forward this update, as you were optimistic in the past communication.

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@wklie regarding Roon, is a new streaming service expected next to tidal or qobuz? e.g. amazon or apple?