Lumin V14 firmware SQ and updated MQA decoder

Part of the V14 firmware was an update to the MQA decoder. I am curious whether anyone has experienced better SQ as a result on MQA tracks. I think I am hearing a smoother response on certain MQA songs but perhaps it’s expectation bias. Any thoughts?

Did you notice any difference with non MQA tracks?

I’m inclined to think that the SQ improvement comes from other optimisations.

Good question, Peter. I thought even non-MQA tracks sounded somewhat better but I didn’t realize this could be due to other optimizations. Thanks, Michael

I counted 15 positive SQ feedback, 2 negative SQ feedback from three forum and a Facebook group.

The relevant (potentially SQ-related) firmware changes are:

  • Improve processing efficiency

  • Improve network bandwidth usage for gapless playback (when using native Lumin OpenHome app)

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You can count me in as well! Since I am on the latest release my music has become even more enjoyable.

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Another positive from me. I noticed an improvement and thought it was due to streaming Qobuz vs my library, but then I saw my U1 MINI had updated to v14. Thanks for that!

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Yours is the 16th positive report.

You know I was not going to mention it as I did not think the update had any sq enhancement in it but……

Couple nights ago I swear it sounded a little more fleshed out, more organic and dare I say it, analog sounding.

Maybe not my imagination after all.

Whatever…I will take it!


Now that I’ve listened for a few days, to some familiar material and new stuff (including Tidal MQA), I’d have to agree that there is a modest improvement in SQ. Like @TheHammer it seems a little more fleshed out and richer. Not night and day, but still damn good. Thanks Lumin for continuing to improve what is already a stellar product (T2 in my case).


Just turned on my T2 and it has just updated to V14.1.

Anything interesting in that update @wklie

If you use Lumin app for TuneIn internet radio, that functionality is improved.

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Thank you.