Lumin with spotify


Does anyone use Spotify with their Lumin gear?

I’m new to Tidal, Lumin and Roon, so perhaps I took on too much change at once…

I have been using Deezer Hifi for years and I do wish Lumin worked with it. I admit I’m quite comfortable with Deezer and don’t generally like “new things”.

I’m reading a lot of threads about Mqa and I’m split at this point.

And I’m wondering if I should keep the D2 if all I use is Spotify. Does that make sense?

I think the D2 is a really great piece of gear. And I was thinking that the T2 would be next upgrade for my main system…but now I’m confused…

So yeah just looking for any opinions of the D2 with spotify. Good or bad. Hit me with them.


Spotify Connect works on the whole Lumin product line. It not only works for paid Spotify Premium account, but Spotify Free account will work too.

Whether you should upgrade depends on your desire to improve the SQ, regardless of which service you use.

We even have Lumin X1 users using Spotify Connect.


Ok thanks.

I’m trying Spotify now. So in the Lumin app should I turn off roon streaming and turn on custom resampling?

@4367 I turn off things I dont use on the D1/2 very often. while I predominantly run Roon to stream to my 3 Lumin’s my wife prefers Spotify from her desktop and this works perfectly.

The nice thing about the Lumin’s is that you can just start a stream from another source and it will kill the other one playing with no drama… thats a huge plus in my house as I can just override what my left playing without having to find the source and stop it.

If you dont want the D2 anymore send it to me :wink:


Its in the mail already. Should be there in about 25 minutes.

So do you use Tidal with Roon or is that your local music you stream?

T2 is a big step up compared to D2. If you can, it will make you happy.

MQA you should decide for with your own ears and not based on some peoples writing.

I use Tidal because they serve my music taste more extensive, combined with the cd quality they stream. Last time I checked Spoify and Deezer did not have this. Last time I checked Tidal has more titles than them too.
Could have changed, if so please say so.

I started streaming with Spotify and Deezer, but switched to Qobuz for the streaming quality. Moved to Tidal for more content in my likes. Like metal and rock.

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If you continue to use Roon, please leave the Roon Ready setting enabled. If you decide you won’t be using Roon any longer, then disable it.

As for Custom Resampling, it should be disabled if you use Roon, since Roon has its own DSP engine. However, if you want to tune the sound of Spotify, you could try resampling 44.1kHz to DSD64 and see if you like it better or worse.

I also recommend turning off Lumin Streaming (AirPlay) unless you need it for other purposes like Deezer app. Last time I checked Spotify app has a tendency to use AirPlay instead of Spotify Connect if you have been using AirPlay just before it.

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Yes the T2 is on my radar.
On deezer website, 16 bit 1411 kbps. Cd quality. Lossless

I just found they music deezer would play from their Radio engine, “Flow” was very agreeable to me.

Yes I do have do more experiments with Tidal. I’m just a tad confused on Mqa at the moment.

I’m on a trial of Roon, and it took me quite a few days to really flesh it out and understand what its value proposition is and how that can be beneficial to me.

So at the start, the theory was quite simple. Get Roon, Subscribe to Tidal and Mqa for the Lumin. At this very moment, I might only keep the Lumin. Or I might buy Roon and just use my local music with it.

I can’t be the only Lumin user, who likes Roon and doesn’t want Tidal (at this point). I’m sure I’m in the minority though.

I don’t think it matters much which steaming service you want to use in consideration of getting ROON. For me the user friendliness + metadata (although not perfect) ROON offers is more to my likes than the Lumin app. + the DSD upsample option which is more limited in my Lumin. Ow and speaker set up.

Made me consider to get rid of my cd player and digitize those who are not offered at streaming service. But have to admit…the sound of my T2 without Roon is pretty good and am not sure if I had invested in Roon if I had the T2 first. Although I admit is does seem a small upgrade I enjoy.

Yes, at first I was all thumbs with Roon, but I got a good understanding of it now. As a music nerd, I really dig the meta data and I do think Roon Ready is quite good.

In retrospect I should have got the Lumin first. Or perhaps Tidal first. And familiarized myself with one before moving to the other. As opposed to Roon, Tidal and Lumin in one shot.

Well, if money is a problem I would invest in the T2 first. If money is not a problem get both lol.

I think ROON can probably add more than I describe, but I am just a simple music loving user with no complicated set up.

I’m happy to answer any question you may have on MQA.

I use tidal as Qobuz is not available where I live. Given the choice I might end up with both but my wife uses uses Spotify and I can access that too as family member allows. Tidal I use through roon only as I’m a lifetime member many years now.

Yeah same boat. Qobuz not available here.

@Vadim_Lvov Yes we plan to support Spotify HiFi on Lumin products.


Good news :+1: :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m making a beta firmware for Lumin to improve sound quality for Spotify Connect.

@4367 (D2)
@DLS (T2)
@wizardofoz (D1 D2)
@Vadim_Lvov (U1 Mini)
I assume you guys still use Spotify with the same models stated above. If not, please let me know.

Other Spotify users please let me know which Lumin model you’re using.

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Hi Peter! Yes, I regularly use Spotify with Lumin U1mini.

Yup D1/2 wife mainly but me too from time to time definitely always want to be on a beta.

And big thanks to you Peter and the Lumin team. Always looking after us so well.