Lumin X1 and Roon1.8 audio settings

I don’t know whether this applies to the X1 or all Lumin streaming devices.

Under Roon 1.7 there were a host of settings with regards to MQA rendering (Roon or X1) etc. Now it appears with Roon 1.8 the only user adjustable settings are those within the endpoint device which I’m my case is the X1. I can’t find anywhere to adjust how Roon handles the audio output to the end device as was the case in Roon 1.7. There is a new section in 1.8 menu Settings/Setup titled “Configure Roon OS Core” but that just throws up a page “Searching for Roon Core” which spins indefinitely (no timeout) in other words it never finds the core which in my case is running on a Mac mini (M1). Several Roon community members have suggested this option only applies to Roon Nucleus devices which if correct is all rather confusing considering Roon refers to it’s Win/Mac software as Roon Core. I’m hoping someone from Lumin (looking at you Peter) can shed some light on the above. At the moment the Roon guys are flat out putting out bug fires in the 1.8 software so there’s no way to get clarification from them for some time.

Check my reply here:

Are the MQA options not showing for your Lumin X1? Nothing changed in 1.8 regarding those settings, including the Configure Roon OS Core, it has been there prior to 1.8.

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