Lumin X1: Network error on fibre connection

I am trying to connect my X1 with fibre-net to wring the best possible quality out of this spectacular machine, but I am stuck at the moment.
My setup is as follows:
TP-Link T1500G-10PS 8-Port Gigabit PoE L2 Managed Switch 2xSFP

with 2 of these modules (TP-Link-TL-SM311LS SFP-Fiber-Module-Single)

one in the switch, one in the X1

The cable is a LWL Patch cable 6 m LC - LC yellow 9/125 OS1/OS2 Duplex Singlemode LSZH, Uniboot, Low-loss, LCR

The switch seems to be working with this setup and shows the connection as functional in its web interface:

but all I get from the Lumin is a network error

With the Lumin app the X1 is not visible and Roon does not find it either.
Connected via copper ethernet, however, everything works as expected.
I did a reset of the switch and the Lumin which did not change anything.

Probably I made a mistake somewhere, but where …?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Please try different duplex settings in the TP-Link switch.

Simply setting it to “Auto” did the trick!
Once again, Peter: A big THANK YOU!

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Fibre network components are available in Single-Mode (SMF) and
Multimode (MMF) versions.
Both are compatible with LUMIN X1.
However, the network will only function if all components in a
chain are the same type.
For example, in Case 3 the Fibre Media Converter, Fibre cable and
the SFP Module connected to LUMIN X1 all need to be the same
mode (either Single-Mode or Multimode).

try auto mode…

Thanks for the explanation, @Maxxim_M!