Lumin X1 won't connect to Roon.., Help?

Hi Gang,

First post here and, admittedly, I'm new to the Roon software. However, I've been successfully using Roon on an Innuos Zenith for a few months without issue but just recently switched to the Lumin X1 and I cannot connect. The app just continually searches for the device without end. Roon is on in the Lumin app, the Lumin in on the network and streaming Tidal. I've tried a factory reset of the X1 and manually entered the IP to scan for the device in the app.., nada.

It was essentially Plug n Play with the Innuos, what am I doing wrong?


What are you using as the Roon Core? The Innuos? The Lumin X1 is not a Roon Core, it is just a Roon Ready endpoint, you still need a computer somewhere to be running the Roon Server Core.

HI Daniel,

  I knew it was going to be something embarrassingly simple. So the Innuos is a roon core, whereas the Lumin is just roon ready? I find this terminology very confusing and clearly I overlooked this. SO I'm going to need an additional core device?

Yes. The term “Roon Ready” means that the device has Roon endpoint software and a network connection. So, when you plug it into the network an existing Roon Server will just see it.

So you need a Roon Core. Do you still have your Innuos? If not there are several options, depending upon how computer literate you are vs how much money you want to spend.

  1. You can use an existing computer you have and just load RoonServer on it
  2. You can get an Intel NUC, some memory and a small hard drive and load an OS and RoonServer, or use Roon’s own linux based ROCk; and then finally
  3. You could buy a unit pre-assembled and pre-loaded with the RoonServer (licensing not included) from Roon also known as a Nucleus (or Nucleus+)
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Big miss on my part, I was under the impression that the Lumin would serve as an all in one unit. Looks like I jumped too soon when I stumbled upon a good price.

I think I will try to set up on my PC so I can evaluate the X1 using Roon. If I like it I’ll pick up a Nucleus, if not I’ll sell the Lumin and look for something else. Is there a step by step on how to setup the PC? Anything in particular I need to know? Thank you for the help