Lyngdorf MP-50 not Found on Network

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

Synology 1819 plus

**Network Details (Including networking gear model/manufacturer and if on WiFi/Ethernet
Apple Time Capsule

Audio Devices (Specify what device you’re using and its connection type - USB/HDMI/etc.)

Lyngdorf MP-50

Description Of Issue

Lyngdorf MP-50 is connected to my network but roon does not detect it on network
Roon only finds in Airplay mode.
I prefer to have it networked.

Hi @Ernest_Nuro,

Did this work for you previously or is this the initial setup of this device?

If you reboot the Core machine and the Lyngdorf is there any change?

Can you confirm how the Lyngdorf and your Core is connected to the network?

Hi Dylan

I have updated Lyngdorf MP-50 to current SW and rebooted Synology and the MP-50 but issue remains the same.

Hi @Ernest_Nuro,

Do you by any chance have “Open vSwitch” turned on in your Synology settings? Sometimes this option can interfere with locating Audio devices, so I would double check to make sure it’s off.

Has the Lyngdorf ever worked with this Synology or on another Core via the network input?

Hi @Ernest_Nuro,

I just verified with the hardware team that the MP-50 is not yet certified to be Roon Ready. We are in the process of certifying this device, but I cannot comment on a timeline of when it will be completed. I suggest that you use this device via Airplay until the certification has been completed, thanks!

Looking forward to see the MP-50 Roon Ready certified. It is a great unit.

With a month having gone by I wanted to check if the MP-50 is certified yet?

Unfortunately, MP-50 hasn’t been certified yet.
I’m unsure why such a long delay.
I’m currently playing via Airplay and that’s not a good experience at all.

Hi @Scott_Murray,

The MP-50 is not yet certified. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on the expected timeline for devices undergoing certification.

I recommend that you reach out to the manufacturer as they would be best suited to comment on the current progress. Thanks!

I did contact the manufacturer and below is their reply;
“the MP-50 has been with Roon for certification for the last 6 months, and we are not allowed to open for the function, until we get their OK- it is just a big test”

Now that MP-60 is announced as Roon ready, does anyone know if our beloved MP-50 will be Roon ready anytime soon? Thanks!

Hello @Peter_Hsieh and @jato1569,

Lyngdorf has just sent us a new firmware to test. We’re hoping to have the MP-50 certified sooner rather than later!


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Hi John,

May I know if there is an estimated timeline for the MP-50 to be certified? It doesn’t seem likely for I’ll get it as a Christmas gift now. :slight_smile:

Will Q1 2020 be possible? Thanks so much!


Hello @Peter_Hsieh,

As policy, we do not give estimates for when we expect certifications to be finalized.


ok.I understand and respect that.

As a short update, a new firmware version 3.6.1 for the MP-50 came out a few days ago. One can update through the web interface. However, I still can’t find it as a Roon endpoint yet. Keep our fingers crossed…

I have intentionally and patiently remained silent since opening this topic.

However it’s gone beyond any acceptable excuses especially when you keep on with software and testing.

What more and how long does it take to test if a software is compatible with an operating system?

I will get in touch with your office tomorrow to sort this out of you can’t fix this.

Hello @Ernest_Nuro,

We have been iterating with Lyngdorf on the Roon Ready integration and significant progress has been made. While I can’t provide an estimated date on when this work will be done, you can rest assured that both Lyngdorf and Roon are moving full speed ahead and hope to have this certification completed soon.



Any news or updates?

Hello @Steve_Epstein3,

We are unable to comment on the status of the Lyngdorf Roon Ready firmware update. I suggest that you reach out to Lyngdorf for the latest status on its release.