Lyngdorf TDAI 3400 - Issue when switching tracks


Hello, i’m experiencing the same issue as Vincent_Kennedy reports: very often when switching between songs played form Tidal, Roon will skip through the available songs and end up not playing anything at all. Rebooting and re-searching the song both help but are very tedious as this happens most times when i use Roon. My set up is a NUC with Rock as core and a Lyngdorf TDAI-3400 endpoint, both directly (ethernet) wired into my providers router, a Sagemcom F5359. Hope you can help. --> update, fixing the output to 16bit fixes the issue but doesn’t come across as a high fidelity solution. i will also contact Lyngdorf

Hello @Bert_van_Emmerik,

Welcome to the forum! Does the issue occur when you have all content upsampled to one PCM rate via Roon’s DSP Engine?

Yes it does fix the issue! thank you very much. can you briefly explain what this setting does?

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Hi @Bert_van_Emmerik,

This setting asks Roon to re-sample all the material to the highest PCM rate your DAC can support.

While I’m glad to see that this workaround helped, it is very likely that the issue would re-occur if you turn the DSP off.

If you wish to troubleshoot the initial issue regarding the sample rate switches, we suggest reaching out directly to Lyngdorf.


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