Lyrics automatic updated?

Sorry if this question has been asked before.

Will Roon update (add) lyrics when the become available, after an album has been added to Roon an lyrics are not available yet?

I just bought Cat Power’s new album ‘Wanderer’
Upload in Roon show no lyrics.
In the lyrics for this album are present.

If and when Roon database is updated with the lyrics for this album, will they become automatically visible to me?
if not , what do I need to do?


Hey @anon90297517,

We source a lot of great metadata from a variety of sources, but all of that said, none of our metadata sources cover every album ever, and so metadata coverage will vary. Some albums will have deep information about the composers, compositions, and performers involved in the recording, and some won’t. Lyrics coverage can also vary quite a bit.

The metadata in Roon is improving every day as our metadata providers update their information and feed it back into Roon’s metadata service. As new information is added to Roon’s database, it’s automatically updated in your Roon database, whether the content comes from TIDAL, or local media.


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