Lyrics - different sizes

I am wondering why the size of the lyrics ist changing – even within one record (see screenshot).

Do I have to make a change ind teh ROON-configuration?


Looks like the first example is a static lyric whereas the second one is a timed lyric (intended to sing/read along with the track playing). I guess that’s why. There were always these different representations for the two lyric types (since the timed lyrics got supported).

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Hi @Christoph_Eichenseer,

BlackJack is correct here:

The first track doesn’t have timecode lyrics, only static lyrics. In this case, lyrics are displayed in this way.

In the other track, the lyrics have timestamps, meaning it can sync and display lyrics along with the song as it goes. These lyrics automatically scroll with the song.

You can learn more about lyrics here:

Thank you for the quick replay!

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