Lyrics for Infamous Stringdusters' Laws of Gravity?

I’m listening to Laws of Gravity, the Infamous Stringdusters’ Grammy album from last year, and am surprised to see no lyrics for the tracks. Is there something special I have to do to get lyrics to show up?

In fact, I’ve only got lyrics for three tracks from 4 IS albums, all three from Fork In The Road from 2007.

Maybe the lyrics provider (lyricfind, I think) hasn’t got the lyrics (yet)? Roon relies on a third party to show lyrics.

Hmmm, is down “for maintenance”. Don’t see that a lot.

Maybe they are adding the missing lyrics for you right now? :grinning:

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I’m listening to The Tatum Group Masterpieces, Volume 8, and it says it doesn’t have lyrics for things like “The Way You Look Tonight”, “Have You Met Miss Jones?”, and, for Heaven’s sake, “Night and Day”. Seems to know the songs, as the composers are listed.

Hey @Bill_Janssen,

For this album unfortunately we do not have lyrics. Though it is currently down for maintenance, you can typically check for whether or not they have lyrics for a track.

One thing to keep in mind is that, while we get whatever lyrics they have, they may not apply to every version of every album with that track. This is something that is always improving and will get better.

I hope this clears things up!


Yeah, I figured it might be because Vol 8 is all instrumental. I see the Billie Holiday version has the lyrics.