Lyrics for "unidentified" albums

The title above says it all: Lyrics for “unidentified” albums

The lyrics are there for the exact same song by the exact same artist as on a Roon “identified” album so why can’t Roon find the lyrics for these tracks on “unidentified” albums?

Um, because Roon has not been able to identify the album?

Roon does not look at the content of the ID3v2 Lyrics tag of a track, but refers to its online database of identified albums…

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Lyrics are associated with individual tracks, not albums, so whether or not the album is identified should not really matter.

I am not referring to the ID3v2 Lyrics tag, I am saying that there is a version of a track on an identified album which Roon has found the lyrics for and the exact same version of the track on an unidentified album and Roon does not find the lyrics. I’m asking why is this the case and can this be “fixed”.

Um, because Roon has not been able to identify the album?

…and hence it has not been able to identify the track as being the same composition as the version of the composition in a track on an identified album… The fix is for the album to be identified… Have you tried to help Roon identify the album (Album Editor/Identify Album)?

I understand what you are saying which is why I put the post in the “Feature Requests” section. Roon does not normally identify bootleg albums, so let’s say that one has a whole of Dylan bootlegs in one’s collection (as I do) and these albums are unidentified and CANNOT be manually identified (and yes I do know how to manually identify an album in Roon, in fact I’ve become quite a pro at this) and yet these are all Bob Dylan songs, which have the lyrics available on identified albums but for all these unidentified bootleg albums no lyrics are available. Again this is why I am making a feature request.

Um - you mean this thread? No, it’s not in the Feature Requests category; it’s currently not in any category. Do you want me to move it for you?

Damn! I was sure that I put it in the Feature Requests category. If you could move it that would be great. Thanks!