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Description Of Issue

I have most of my non-classical songs provided with lyrics in the songs metadata. Why does not display Roon these lyrics when Roon has no lyrics to show from his own database?
Additional question to support: What about librettos for operas and other classical music with text? That would really make Roon far more unique as it already is :slight_smile:

Greetings from Heidelberg,

Hi @Chris_Passon,

Please see Mike’s post here:

Hi Dylan,

From what I read of that post you pointed me to, I would go further an say that it should work with the lyrics that I added to my music. I did this mostly with iTunes into the metadata of my ALAC music files. So what do I have to do to get these lyrics been displayed in Roon, if there is no lyrics provided by Roon?



Hi @Chris_Passon,

Apologies for the confusion here:

Lyrics from file tags are not yet supported. It is something we are currently investigating (as mentioned in the feedback request I linked to above), but right now it is not possible to do in Roon.

Hello Dylan,

Sorry but I don‘t get it.

Mike wrote a feedback request and lines out that Roon is actually reading lyrics from ID3 tags etc. of music files like ALAC (which I use).
My maintained lyrics are available in the iTunes lyrics tab of the songs and thus I understand it in that way that is would be read be ROON, or did I misunderstand Mikes introductional part of the feedback request and it all is just „future functionality“ which is not present, yet?

Any chance my perception could be true, hopefully ?-)


Hi @Chris_Passon,

Mike mentions at the beginning of his post:

We’re getting ready to kick off this work, but first we wanted to check in with the community and make sure that the work we are planning will meet everyone’s needs.

As of right now this is not a feature in Roon, but as mentioned in Mike’s post, it is something that we are looking into implementing. I can’t provide any specific timeframes at this time, but I’d definitely recommend reading his post and providing and additional feedback if you have any.


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