Lyrics on lyricfind website but not showing up on Roon

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Well I’ve just bit the bullet and am now a lifer.

Just ripped The Procalimers very best of 25 years and was surprised not to find more lyrics. When I check the lyricfind website most are there, Letter from America being but one example.

Is it something I’m doing or a Roon/ lyricfind issue?


Can you link where you’re seeing the missing lyrics? I’m double checking this, but I think our lyrics matches are release dependent, meaning we need to have lyrics not just for the song, but for the song on that specific album.

Let me know where you’re seeing the missing lyrics and I’ll see if we can run this down or do better here. Thanks, and welcome aboard! :smile:

okay I think I see the issue.
Hey how do I insert screenshots?

I had one of the album The Proclaimers - the very best of 25 years 1987-2012 from lyricfind which only shows the tracks showing up on Roon however a search of lyricfind showed them available on other albums. Hopefully the user generated options referred to in the original thread will allow us do something about this.


okay managed to upload screenshots.


Raising this old thread form the dead.
I have noticed a few songs without lyrics that were puzzling, especially since in Plex the lyrics were available.
One example is:

@Astr0b0y Can you come back at the end of the week (say Friday evening) and let us know if it’s still the case with that track?

@joel I was just coming back to the thread to report that suddenly this was fixed! Thanks mate.

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