Lyrics out of sync - delayed

My timing is off on all nearly all tracks. Smells like teen spirit from nevermind playing from to imac core into bluesound node 2i to marantz sr6013 and then out to a rotel rb1582. Im viewing the lyrics on a macbook pro used as a remote. It may be delayed because of all the components it must run through. Maybe adding a time adjustment that goes + and - would be awesome.

Hi @Preston_Adams,

If you output to your Macbook pro’s System Output zone, are the lyrics in sync there?

This is very well a possibility, seeing if it occurs on System Output should confirm though.

This is a feature request. I can move this thread over there once you confirm if System Output has the same behavior or not.

So I tested it with built in speakers and it was in sync. What is weird is I went back to play it to the node 2i like I have been and it was in sync. So the issue is solved!

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