Lyrics provider

Why was choosen as the lyrics provider? Seems to be missing a lot, and also is slow on updating new albums/songs. I think the best one would be, as it’s user generated and usually quite quick in updating new stuff. It’s missing a lot in some genres, but so is every other provider and this is one of the best and easiest that we can improve on ourselves.


An interesting point. There is a substantial amount of my music library for which Roon cannot find lyrics, about 30 seconds on google on a iPad and the lyrics are found. So yes, I would agree that this feature had the potential to be improved.

1 Like did not exist when lyricfind was chosen… i’ve asked our bizdev guys to check with them.

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Any possibilities to see in the future synced lyrics (like minilyrics for example)?

+1 I often listen with the Genius app open. Integration with Roon would be really great. I particularly like the user comments aspects of Genius.