Lyrics to classical choral music

Many of my classical choral cds–I should say “most”–do not have lyrics in Roon. Anyone know of a way of adding those in? Or a workaround?
Does Roon have any plans of remedying this?
(I’m a newcomer to Roon and may be missing something totally.)

Roon gets its lyrics from a database vendor, LyricFind. Just as they get the album metadata from another vendor.

LyricFind are the ones that don’t have the lyrics, not Roon.

LyricFind has a website.

Yeah, I figured that. Any work around? Can I add in lyrics someway, or add a link to them?

I’m just another Roon subscriber, but it sounds like you want make a feature request. There’s a forum section for that.

Maybe also a request to LyricFind to update their database?

Good luck.:sunglasses:

If you can find the lyrics somewhere, or you have the booklet for scanning, you can create a pdf file and put it in the album folder. Obviously you can’t do that with Tidal albums, but for your own physical collection it works fine. Pdf files appear in the album page in Roon and you can open them from there. It’s not perfect but it’s a solution.

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Oh, great, thanks! I’ll give that a try.