M scaler multitasking issues

Ever since I installed the chord windows driver to connect my m scaler to my windows surface studio 2, it cannot play audio well (it slows down like a vinyl record on a slower speed) from room while doing anything that streams graphics (like video ads when web browsing, for example). When I used to use my chord Dave alone I never had such issues - I could even stream Xbox games and listen to the audio from Roon. The weird thing is that to get any audio from my computer, I have to open Roon first and make sure the m scaler is shown as the audio out. I am almost inclined to find a new room endpoint like a google chrome cast audio - but the 28 inch touchscreen makes finding new things on Roon so easy. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

Hi Robert

Is that with the Chord ASIO driver?

If you try the Chord WASAPI driver (enable Exclusive Mode in the Roon settings too) do you get the same problem?

In Roon’s audio settings you should see both the ASIO and the WASAPI drivers as options to select.

Share a screenshot of that screen if you can.

Switched to the WASAPI driver from the Asia driver and now it works like a charm. Thank you so much.

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The momemt I read your post I kind of knew it was the Chord ASIO driver because I’ve had the same problems with it too.

And I never had a problem with the WASAPI driver. Just make sure you enable Exclusive Mode in the Roon settings.

Great to hear it’s all good.