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sorry iam not good for English.
My problem is very like the @Marc_Neveux1
So I paste

I connected Nucleus to monitor with keyboard and mouse. It briefly showed ROON in the middle of the screen. In the top right there were 2 boxes that said "Setup and Boot List. There was a mouse cursor in the center of the screen and the keyboard was powered. Mouse and keyboard did not respond to anything. Eventually the screen went black and keyboard was still powered.

In bios ,I can’t find the m2.ssd ,just the internal ssd.
So I think the m2.ssd is failing
I will replace the M.2 SSD myself. And install the rock
In other post, they say Roon Support can remotely trigger the upgrade of ROCK to Nucleus OS.
So what can I do after install the rock
@Profile - noris - Roon Labs Community
@Profile - benjamin - Roon Labs Community

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I’m not sure what you did there, the tags seem messed up and I don’t think that’s working …

so I am tagging @support for you :slight_smile:

This can be done of course but do consider if your unit is under 2 years you should have warranty cover

sorry this is my first post :sweat_smile:

No worries :slight_smile: Just write an @ followed by the member name like (at)support, (at)noris, (at)benjamin. (I replaced the @ with (at) in these examples so that they are not unduly bothered :slight_smile: )

Also note that support are not normally on deck for weekends and the queue sometimes takes a little time to get to your ticket.

That said I ready think that the Nucleus purchasers deserve a better support offering as they have paid a premium for roon hardware.

Gotta it,thanks @Suedkiez

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now the rock is ready,can any one help me for chang rock to nuc os?
@noris @benjamin

Hey @shu_kai,

Great work so far! Please keep your Nucleus online and we’ll follow up once completed. :slightly_smiling_face:

It is online,do I need mail you the S/N of nuc+?

Just keep it online - Roon Labs will access it remotely and perform the upgrade for you.

if cannot see my account online , please let me know,and guide me

Hi @shu_kai,

Our team was unable to connect to your Nucleus as it was not online. Please if you can, keep it powered on and connected to your network. Thanks!

Maybe something with vpn,I have Chang my network,please try again

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hi ben,still not receiv the update,can not find my roon online?what can I do next? @benjamin

It’s ok,now the nuc os is back,tanks to you Roon Support team,you are wonderful.

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