M33 Thru MDC/USB Roon Ready?

I’m purchasing an M33 and would like to use it through its new, add-on, USB input card. Does anyone know whether the same Roon Readiness is available via that input, or only through the streamer?

(Before anyone asks: I want to connect via USB to run DSD files to the amp without the Roon software PCM conversion the other inputs require. For some reason, NADs have issues with slow transmission and choke that way. Long-standing NAD/Roon problem, which I want to sidestep entirely, along with batch-conversion.)

The USB input card is just an input, if you want to play Roon using that input you need to connect a roonready streamer or a nucleus/nuc-rock to the add on card.
It is not possible to use the M33’s Roon ready input and route it to the usb card for hardware dsd decoding.

Thanks, Peter. But it is possible to connect to my computer via USB, open Roon, select M33 USB as the input, and play music through it?

Yes you can connect to pretty much any USB Dac this way. Sometimes it needs you to install some additional drivers on the the pc. It won’t be fully Roon Ready (that is only available via a network connection) but it will play music fine this way. Not being fully Roon Ready means you will be missing some features, probably things such as controlling the M33 volume from Roon and getting the display of the track you are playing on the M33 screen but music should play fine. You can use your Roon remote to see what is playing and you can use Roon’s software volume control so there are ways of doing most things.