M3u not working

Hi @Akimo,

Thank you for your patience as we look into this further. I’m taking over this thread from @jamie while he’s away, and I’m working with our team to pinpoint and resolve the issue.

I’ll follow up with some additional troubleshooting steps shortly once we’ve had a deeper look. In the meantime, just to create replicable conditions, would you mind performing the following test?

  1. In Roon, navigate to Settings → Storage → Edit for the storage location folder containing your m3u playlists.
  2. Uncheck the box for “Import other playlists” to “No” and Save.
  3. Recheck “Import other playlists” back to “Yes” and Save again.

Let me know if that changes the behavior you’re experiencing at all, and we’ll proceed from there.

Thanks for your help.

I’ve followed the instructions in your message, but the playlist did not appear.

As reference, the contents of the m3u file were:
#EXTINF:1,08 - Isle of the Dead, Op. 29.flac
R/Rachmaninov, Sergei/The Reiner Sound/08 - Isle of the Dead, Op. 29.flac
#EXTINF:0,01 - Insight, for string trio.flac
T/Tabakova, Dobrinka/String Paths/01 - Insight, for string trio.flac


Is it possible to get the next steps in troubleshooting this?


Hi @Akimo,

I do apologize for the drop off there. At this point, it would be helpful for our tech support team to have a look at the m3u file directly. Are you able to share it via this upload link?

I’ll circle back with next steps afterwards.

No worries. I’m sure you folks are VERY busy.

I’ve uploaded the file.


@connor ,
Any other info I can provide on this? I’d like to get this resolved, or at least identified as it is holding up a project.

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Hello @Akimo ,

Thanks for reaching out, we’ve been able to reproduce this behavior on our end but we are not certain what the cause is yet, we’ve submitted a ticket for further investigation with the QA team. Once we have further news to share, we’ll be sure to reach out, thanks!

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Thanks for letting me know.

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