M3U Playlist import

Does Roon still have the limitation on only importing tracks in the same root folder that the playlists is in?

I have a lot of playlists referencing tracks from different root folders (e.g., I keep my dsf files on a separate NAS share). Neither JRiver nor Minimserver have any problems to import and happily play these playlists. I can also put the playlist in any folder irrespective of where the music is - as long as the filepath for each track is correct and I point the import function at the right folder it will import and play.

With Roon so far I have not even been able to get the program to read any of these playlists no matter where I put them or in which ever way I write the file path in the m3u. If there is a way to do this that I have missed in my search of the forums please let me know.

Otherwise it seems strange to me that a program as powerful as Roon cannot do something as basic as this.

After applying myself a bit I finally got Roon to import my M3U playlists … and yes the limitation still applies: Roon will only import the tracks on the same disk / share that the playlist is stored on. By the way all other tracks on the playlist are already in my Roon library they just originate from different shares on my NAS …

Quite beyond comprehension for me why this is so. I know of no other music management program that has this limitation. Hope the Roon team will be able to teach the program to read filepaths out of playlists going forward.

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Are the paths from Roon Server to the files the same as that in the playlists?

I put in a feature request for this. I have a bunch of curated playlists curated in other programs. I would hate to recreate all of them.