M3U Playlists in ROCK using NAS

Looking for some help. I have many carefully curated playlists managed through JRiver. Any Roon setup I’ve had in the past easily recognized m3u playlists exported from JR provided I place them in the correct music directory and make appropriate changes to reference the correct drive/path, if needed. I just setup a NUC with ROCK and reference the NAS for music files. I’ve tried every configuration of drive/path reference configuration I could think of and nothing seems to work. A downloaded playlist from ROCK starts with …/filename, which I’ve tried, Linux file addressing scheme suggests smb://nasname/path/file, which doesn’t work either. I’ve switched / for \ and the reverse. Can’t seem to get there.

Any guidance out there?

Probably better if you posted in support, that’s the only thread the roon team actively monitor.
I can move it there if you wish.

Thanks Ged. Please do. Not sure I know how. Appreciate the help. Jim

What’s in your m3u now? Make the paths relative to location of m3u

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I’ll try to be as specific as possible as this might help others.

I have two music directories watched in Roon. Each follows a path of NAS/Music/directory1/artist/album/filename. I download Jriver m3u playlists storing “paths relative to exported playlist location”. In the Windows application I export extended m3u playlist format to the directory - directory1 in the above example - where the relevant music files are located.A song in an exported playlist shows up as two lines as follows:
#EXTINF:296,Al Green - Let’s Stay Together
.\Al Green\Al Green’s Greatest Hits\06 Let’s Stay Together.wav
Roon recognizes the playlist and all works fine.

In my ROCK application I tried the same thing. I tried switching the back slash \ for forward /.
I looked up and tried a typical Linux NAS directory structure command - smb://. Neither approach work. I then created and downloaded a playlist I created from my nas files in Roon. I found the download went to a newly created playlist folder in the data directory. Roon had created a simple m3u format file with each line …/album/artist/file as well as copies of all the related songs in their own album based directories.

I copied that m3u playlist to my music directory - directory1 - which wasn’t recognized. I then created a playlist folder in the music directory and went back to JRiver and downloaded another playlist in simple format to the new playlist folder and then changed the back to forward slashes. Note the Jriver download was with the option “store in paths relative to exported playlist location” checked. The file JR created had directory reference as ./…/artist/album/file (after I changed slash directions). Voila! My playlists now work. BTW - the same m3u file in the music directory rather than the playlist subdirectory does not work.

Clearly, the number of dots and slashes in the directory reference is the key. Maybe a few examples in the setup instructions showing alternative directory structures and the appropriate number and sequence of dots and slashes would help. I’m sure there’s a sequence that will work in my music directories, for instance.

Sorry - the JRiver created playlist was ./…/ - not three dots!

Can’t get this right - ./…/ - “single dot - slash - two dots - slash”

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