Mac App Being a Total Dog

Roon Core Machine

MacBook Pro (2019)
Processor: 2.6 GHz 6-Core Intel Core i7
Memory: 16 GB 2667 MHz DDR4
macOS Monterey 12.5.1
Roon Core is on this MBP
Roon is connected to an iTunes library on a QNAP NAS

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Very strong WiFi (-47 dBm RSSI)
Not using a VPN
Using NextDNS firewall

Connected Audio Devices

Trying several (all setups exhibit the same behavior):
– Local MacBook Pro speakers
– ifi hip-dac
– Audioquest Dragonfly Cobalt

Number of Tracks in Library

Most of my listening is streaming from Tidal
2,380 tracks loaded from the local iTunes library

Description of Issue

– On start, the Home page takes about 2 min to fully load
– The interface constantly freezes for several sec at a time, several times per minute. Scrolling doesn’t work, and I usually get a SBBOD. This happens whether or not I’m playing anything.
– Playback (Tidal) sometimes takes 40 sec to start
– Start/stop often takes several sec to respond
– Forward/backward through pages can take 10-15 sec, often showing a SBBOD
– All this happens even after Roon is done scanning my local iTunes library for updates

Basically the interface is a dog. The constant freezing makes it very difficult to navigate anything. Mostly useless.

I don’t have any of these problems using the Tidal app.

Any recommendations are very much appreciated!

If you are just setting things up, it might still be doing audio analysis. Try turning that off. Go to settings/library. Background analysis speed to OFF.

Thanks for such a quick response! I turned this to OFF (was Throttled). Same interface behavior.

Tom, three of more thoughts. One, you don’t provide any details on the brand and model of your router or WiFi equipment and the configuration of your network (all WiFi to the router, a mix of WiFi and Ethernet cables, etc.).

Second, are the Mac Core and the QNAP NAS using Ethernet cables to the router, or is one, or are both, using WiFi?

Third, while -47 dBm RSSI is extremely good (I’m averaging in the mid-to-high -60s), what bands does this cover, 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz or both? The 2.4 GHz band is extremely crowded and has less channel capacity than the 5 GHz, so depending on how many devices are on your network and what bands they use, you may have a strong but crowded WiFi network.

Looking forward to seeing where we can help you.

Thanks Robert! I can’t believe you folks are monitoring this on a weekend!

– Xfinity 1200 service – current speed test 750 down, 42 up, 8 ping
– Arris Surfboard SB8200 cable modem
– CAT5 from modem to a Linksys Velop WHW03v2 WiFi router
– CAT5 from router to a GreenNet TrendNet 1000Mbps switch
– CAT5 from switch to the QNAP NAS
– Roon Core is on the MacBook Pro connected by 5GHz WiFi
– I’m in a home with two people, so there aren’t many devices connected to the WiFi

I think that answers all your questions. Thanks again! Let me know if there’s anything else.

We’re the community forum moderators - we never sleep :grinning:

Roon’s Support team, OTOH, tend to work business hours - so they’ll be back tomorrow…


That could be the issue here. A Roon Core really should be connected by wired ethernet to the internet. Also, while you’re in a home with two people and few devices, do you have close neighbours? There’s a big difference between living in a farmhouse in the country and living in an apartment in the city…

You’ve probably read it already, but this is worth checking out if not…

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Tom, what other software do you have running on the MBP?
Antivir, Antimalware, Firewalls, VPN etc

And, i suppose the operatingsystem and Roon itself is installed on a solid state drive?
If you disable the local library on the NAS, any difference in performance?

Tom’s using a NAS for the local files, I think…

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Tom, great information, thank you. Is it possible to get a USB Ethernet cable to connect your MacBook Pro to your switch and, as @Geoff_Coupe notes, elimiate the WiFi variable from the performance test? I have been able to run my 2019 MBP Core on WiFi in my house, but I needed optimize where I placed my router and access point (I have a two-node ASUS mesh network in my house) and how I configured my WiFi bands and backhaul.

Is this possible to run your MBP on an Ethernet connection, that way we may be isolate some variables?

Yes – local files are on the NAS. Core is on the MacBook Pro, which of course has an SSD.

I kill just about everything on my MBP when I run these tests. The only things running are Roon, Safari, and Apple Mail.

As mentioned before, I’m using NextDNS firewall. I also have Sophos Home Premium antivirus running.

@Robert_F – I tried turning off WiFi and connecting to my network directly via Ethernet. The app was equally slow loading. I waited until it was done scanning local files on the NAS, then tried my usual scrolling & Tidal playback stuff. Exactly the same experience – very sluggish, and the app would freeze several times a minute, sometimes for about 20 sec. Frequent SBBOD. Playback was even blipping (stopping for 1/2 sec or so) occasionally.

I’m wondering if the mix of Sophos and NextDNS are interacting in such a way to cause issues. I don’t have anything unique for security running on my MBP and Roon works without issues.

Can you try deactivating first Sophos temporarily and see if that changes anything, and then NextDNS (if that does not bring down your network) if the Sophos pause didn’t change the behavior?

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Just to add, my experience is that NextDNS works great with Roon, zero issues.


Why not CAT6 or CAT7?

What is the total tracks in your library? Tracks added to your library from streaming services incur just as much database overhead as local tracks.

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Home page reports 4,281 tracks.

Honestly I don’t see how this could be an issue. The Tidal app functions just fine on my WiFi, and I also have no problems streaming 4K video with Dolby Atmos audio. I don’t think a single stereo audio stream should be a burden.

Did you try disabling Sophos and determining if that had any effect?

Unfortunately no change after disabling Sophos Home, or NextDNS.

I am tagging @support to assist, I am running out of ideas and they may need to ask you to reset your database or look at your logs.

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