Mac Catalina 10.15.5 updated and Roon no longer identifies / finds ROCK

Frustratingly my MacBook Pro was set to auto-update and updated to 10.15.5 overnight. Roon can no longer find my ROCK. iPad and Phone still fine so still musically alive. Anybody else had this issue and how have you fixed it.

I have already reinstalled Roon on my MacBook but same problem

Turn the firewall off, or make an exception.

Thanks for the suggestion. Firewall already turned off

Hi @Andrew_Duncan1,

Do you by any chance have any antivirus or other firewalls on the Mabook Pro? Apps such as Bullguard / Little Snitch / Kaspersky / McAFee? Can you check to see if Roon is added to the OSX firewall by using these instructions?

Thanks all for the help. Checked for other antivirus software - none. Configured the firewall as suggested - still didn’t work, or so it seemed. Then went old school and rebooted. Success! ROCK recognised immediately. Thanks again to all.

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Hi @Andrew_Duncan1,

Glad to hear you sorted the issue out with the reboot!

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