Mac Client Crashes When Opening Qobuz Album

System/Network Details are in my profile
Streaming to an AirPlay device at the moment, but this happens across endpoints.

Roon Radio has been running all morning. (As long as I don’t actually interact with Roon, it seems to work fine. FWIW)

Alva Noto, Xerrox Vol. 3 came on. I clicked into the lower left of the now-playing bottom bar to bring up the album; Roon crashed. Crashes on relaunch, trying to display the Album page. Roon won’t stay open.

Went to local>Library>Roon and deleted the Database folder; Roon starts up with the standard login/Choose Core.

This seems to happen randomly, but I think it’s just Qobuz albums I do not “have” in my library.

I don’t need help, as I know how to recover from this, and I’m not interested in several rounds of uploading logs and enabling diagnostics and messing with my network. I’m just giving data.

Machine and Network Details are in my Profile.

Controlling Roon over WiFi via MacBook Pro.

Search for Tiga Shoes with the magnifying glass.
Click the album name “Ciao!” in the results (it’s a Qobuz album, not in my library virtual or real)


Relaunch Roon; Roon shows the Album Page for Ciao! for a brief moment, then crashes.

If I clear the Roon folder from ~/Library/Roon (leaving in place the Settings folder only), sometimes that will fix the problem, but not this time.

So I opened the Qobuz, added the Ciao album to my favorites, and relaunched Roon.

That worked.

It seems as though some link between Roon and Qobuz is causing trouble.

Sorry we missed this one, @Andrew_Webb!

Are you still seeing issues here? Besides the Ciao album have any others caused this?

Hey @Andrew_Webb,

It’s been a while since Dylan reached out. I was wondering if this is still something you need help with :nerd_face:

Did you not see the part where I said “I don’t need help”? It’s not in invisible ink is it?

I didn’t answer Dylan for the same reason.

As I’ve mentioned before, I refuse to do the Support dance. It takes weeks and always ends with “it must be your network” when every other piece of hardware and software works perfectly on the network.
Waste of time/frustrating/unpaid beta testing ain’t my thing.

That was months ago; why the sudden concern? You can’t ask me to believe that you’ve run out of users with much more serious issues that they would like fixed right now instead of in three weeks.

Hey @Andrew_Webb,

I must have missed that - sorry for having revived a thread that is considered resolved. It’s closed now :blush: