Mac CPU temp / process high when using Roon Live Radio

I’m enjoying the new Live Radio feature in 1.7!
I noticed with this build using the core on Mac Mini (2018, with Catalina):

  • Selecting a radio station, even with it not playing, increases Roon CPU usage (well over 100%) and temperature significantly (195° - 200° +)
  • Switching to local hard drive playback reduces CPU usage and temps to normal (195° - 200° reduces to ~134°)

Stop / restart Roon, same issue. Temps stay high for several hours, but only during Live Radio access, or if it’s waiting in queue.

Is this to be expected? I usually only see these CPU temps / takeover if I’m using CPU intensive apps like Handbrake.

I’ll move this to support, seems more appropriate.

Hello @support. The latest build 505 does not resolve this issue.

Hi @Bill_G,

When you mention high CPU usage, how high do you see it go?
Does the same behavior occur if you start playback of local content?

Hi @noris,

I’ve recently noticed the CPU usage during streaming rises to between 105 - 120 percent only when the “now playing” screen is selected. Streaming radio content stays at normal CPU levels (rarely above 10%) as long as I don’t click on the “Now Playing” graphic at the bottom of the screen. Once the “now playing” graphic is selected, levels will only return to normal when changed to local content playback.

So streaming itself does not seem to increase the CPU usage and temps, only when the ‘now playing’ graphic is accessed for streaming.

Hello @Bill_G,

Good observation, we appreciate the follow up. Do you experience the same jump in CPU when playing local content and viewing the “Now Playing” screen?


Hi @john, thanks! There’s no jump in CPU usage when playing local content and accessing “Now Playing”, or any of its display pages (lyrics, bio, review, etc.).

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