Mac devices unable to connect to Core

Hi all!
Having a similar issue also.
My Core sits on a MacMini running Mojave. I have various iOS devices as controls, and also like to use whichever Mac I’m working on to control from time to time.
Since the most recent Roon update, neither of my Macs (both running Mojave) will connect to the Core - also on Mojave. 4 iOS devices all connect just fine and the system works well otherwise.
I have tried and can ping the Core from each of the Macs.

In the past, I have occasionally experienced one or other devices losing connection to the core, but then the search option to connect to a new core has always found it again. This time - no luck, the Macs sit searching and don’t find the core.
The Macs are ethernet cable connected to the switch; all the networking gear is Ubiquiti.

I’m baffled - any suggestions please?
Thanks very much

Hi @ACB,

Is there any change if you temporarily disable the firewall on the MacMini Core and one of the other Mac devices you’re using as a remote?

it does! Bizarre - the firewall has always been on before, and there is a rule allowing connections through for Roon.
Obviously I don’t want to leave it off, so what would be the settings that I should use in the host (core) mini and the client/ remote macs?
Thanks very much
best wishes

updating with more info - if I turn firewall back on, it loses connectivity. I’m not surprised as such, but had hoped that once they had found each other, I could re-enable firewall.
Perhaps that sheds some light on what’s happening to help with a more permanent fix?

On my mini, Roon appears twice in the firewall, one instance is for the controller/player, the other for Roon Server. If you don’t see the server rule, try installing the separate Roon Server app.

You also need to add RAAT too the firewall

Hi @ACB,

Can you clarify what kind of firewall you are using here? Is it just the default MacOS firewall or do you have another one in particular which you disabled to re-gain access (McAFee/Bullguard/Little Snitch/ect.)?

If you are using the MacOS default firewall, I would use these instructions from Apple to add Roon, RAATServer and RoonServer (if using RoonServer) to the MacOS firewall exceptions.

Thanks all!
I’ve added the three Roon (Roon,RAAT and Server) and that has fixed it.
BTW it’s the default MacOS server though of course there is another on the router, but that’s not relevan here.
I’m still wondering how these disappeared in the first place, though as it all worked fine before - but main thing is it seems to be repaired now.

That’s great news @ACB, if you have any further difficulties just let us know!

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