Mac for core, Win for bridge result?

I’m using a 2018 Mac mini for core and output.
And my DAC is UDP-205.

To get better SQ, I’m thinking of using a Win pc to built a bridge.
My question is do I get ASIO or do I still get DoP?

For WIN10, you’ll need to download a driver from the OPPO website.

Not sure ASIO vs. DoP is a thing.

If your OPPO can process a Native DSD stream then you’re good to go.

Try this thread -

Thank you very much.
I will try.

What’s wrong with the SQ your getting now? Macs are way better shielded than the average consumer PC. There’s probably a Mac directly connected to the studio gear that mixed and mastered the music you listen to. The whole core separation guideline is largely to minimize Roon’s support costs on the infinite variety of PC hardware configurations.

My Macbook Pro core is directly connected to a Motu Ultralite 8 channel interface. Two of the channels have a dedicated amp driving 15” 110db sensitivity horns. Any noise from the Mac woould be readily apparent when nothing is playing. They are dead quiet.

Recommendations are just that. When recommendations turn to dogma, then you end up expecting a difference. And guess what, your expectations have the biggest factor on your perception of audio.

A cheap way to test this hypothesis is to get a Pi4 and use it as a bridge. I doubt you will hear a difference.

Actually there’s nothing wrong with the SQ now.
Just wonder if it can get any better cause roon recommending separate the core and output…
And may be ASIO is better than DoP?

Well, I think you are right. I will just stick with what I have now.
Thank you very much.

No sense fixing what isn’t broken.

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