Mac ios -- software for B&W Formation Wedge

Hello –
I’ve been running Roon/Qobuz for almost a year now – running them primarily through a B&W Formation Wedge. I primarily control it with my mac laptop (~3 years old, and updated system software 11.1).

Up until now, I’ve been able to control the Wedge’s volume through the laptop’s mute/volume down/volume up keys (F10, F11, F12). But not today – these aren’t working any more. So, I thought I’d check the Apple app store for an update – but it says that B&W apps for the Formation products are only available for the iPad and iPhone ONLY (which I have, but again, I typically control the Wedge through my mac keyboard and I’d like to continue to do so).

So, is B&W no longer supporting these types of setups? I actually like the Formation Wedge so much that I’m tempted to replace my Martin-Logans with the Formation Duos (they’re smaller and the house we are moving to soon has a smaller room that probably won’t accommodate the MLs. Plus, I’m quite happy with the audio quality from the B&W Wedge).

Anyway, any insights are welcome. This is my first post in this forum, so please don’t slap me down too implacably!