Mac Mini 2012 server/core with 2 ssds

Hey i got a 2012 mac mini with i5 prozessor16gb ram and a 500gb and a 128gb ssd. Should i install the the os and roon on the smaller ssd? And should i only install server if i run it headless? Also would it make sense to upgrade it to big sur or monterey from catalina?

Let me know please

Yes, though it might be worth checking which of the two is the fastest.

It doesn’t really matter, but if you are going to run it headless it probably makes more sense to run it headless, providing you have Roon running elsewhere on your network.

There have been quite a few issues with Monterey, so I’d avoid it. It’s also worth noting that while Monterey can be run on a 2012 mini, the oldest mini that Apple list as being compatible is the late 2014.

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Thank you hope it will work out great

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I just recently upgraded to Catalina 11.15.7 on my 2012 mini that runs roon server, and I think that’s probably the newest you should go.

Allows you to run HQPlayer if desired.