Mac mini as new core, but listen via old iMac is not possible further more


I have an „old“ iMac for normal use and I have bought a very new mac mini to use it as my Roon core.

It works fine.

But one thing is not fine for me: to hear music in my office I have used the iMac with installed Roon and with connected speakers as my small music player (and as Roon core before I purchased the mac mini). The big player is in my living room and is still connected to Roon (on mac mini).
But now, because of moving Roon from iMac to mac mini it is not possible to listen music via Roon and iMac.

The mac mini has no monitor, nor keyboard, it is only a server for the Roon core.

Any idea for a good solution?

Hi @uli,

If you wish to use the secondary Mac with Roon while keeping the Core on the new Mac, you can run Roon as a Remote by using the instructions listed in our Running Roon as a Remote Guide (<-clickable link).

If you don’t need a display for the Roon Remote, you can also install RoonBridge on it, and this provides the Core access to any connected DACs.

I hope this helps!

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YEAH! It works! Great! Thank you!

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